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1. Cataloguing of required music pieces

If a work required by you is not found in our stock, you can file an application to enter this work into our stock. We shall endeavour to include it as soon as possible.

First of all this is made by scanning an exemplar which can be copied unrestrained; if such an exemplar is not available or if other reasons to make a new notated version exisit, we will decide whether the effort for a new composition of this work is justified; if yes, it will be produced as soon as possible by our typesetters.

For an order or at least 30 exemplars, we can make a binding offer.


2. General printing service

Furthermore, if you are interested in having other categories of music printed, we can offer you a special service: We also enter works in our stock for which, so far, we do not yet offer a category (other instruments and instrumentation). In this case, you can also send us an inquiry or your pdf samples.

If you want to print your own works with us (i.e. instructional compilations, collections or also own compositions), please contact us:


In all cases when we receive printing data from a customer, the copyright liability remains with the customer; please examine, by all means before transmitting such data, if you hold the rights to print of this work.

Within the scope of the copyright, two legal stipulations are relevant for the production of music: 

1. A work corresponding to the criteria of intellectual property (i.e. music, literature, pictures etc.) has the benefit of a special protection until 70 years after the death of the author; this means that every use of this work can only be made with the consent of the author or his legal successor.

The legal representation for musical works is held in Germany by the GEMA (Society for Musical Performing Rights and mechanical Reproduction Rights) in almost any case.

After this time, the work is considered as “with no copyright protection”, that means it can be used, processed, printed, etc. as you like.

2. Printing editions of works with no copyright protection can, on principle, not be copied or otherwise be reproduced since the publisher’s house which has invested in the production of printer’s copies would suffer an economic damage. However, the law believes that the costs for such an investment has brought a return at the latest after 50 years, so that it is then permitted to make copies and to place them on the market. For this reason there are some publishering companies who sell exclusively reprints (reproductions) of ancient music editions. Several regional versions for both legal regulations exist.


3. Composer’s service

You are a composer and/or arranger and you are looking for a publishers’ house to publish your works in a printed form? Then welcome at INTER-NOTE! We offer composers to enter their works in the data stock; a precondition is the delivery of completed printer’s copies as printing optimized pdf-data files or Sibelius data files.

The settlement of all questions as to legal licence has to be made by the author, and consequently he acts as self-publishing company; for this service, we charge only a small fee to cover the expenses incurred to us. The profit out of the sale of the music will be transmitted to the author. Therefore, with our offer it is possible for you to earn money with the selling of your works and, in addition, to make the performance of your works possible and to receive author’s royalties from the GEMA!

We, however, reserve the right to decide at our discretion whether we will add a composer or his works respectively to our stock, for we value a stock of high quality. 

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us under service@inter-note.com together with a short description of your artistic background and 2-3 example scores.

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At the moment our stock consists of 3,687 Works musical works from 522 composers containing 31,082 pages!