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FAQ - frequently asked questions


I ordered a work with 3 pages but the market basket shows 8 pages! Why?

With regard to bound music books, the number of pages must always be divisible by 4 as the printed sheet has 2 front pages and 2 back pages. To each order, the cover pages must obviously be added. Thus, 3 pages of music become 4 content pages + 4 cover sheets = 8 pages. 

Will an additional price be charged if I order only one single copy?

No! Just that is the specific characteristic of INTER-NOTE: due to the complete automation of the whole production process, we are able to offer a standard price for all kinds of music books ordered with us. There is no graduation of prices which applies to the number of copies.

Are there any situations where the final product contains more pages?

Yes. According to the number of pages of the individual work it is possible that a music volume contains one or more empty pages since the pages are distributed in such a way that two-sided works always start at left  and all other pages at right. Thus it is ensured that it is not necessary to turn over the pages.

Also the table of contents comprises at least one page.

Can empty sheets be avoided?

No. And yes: according to the reasons mentioned above, it is technically not possible; however, you have the possibility, to fill in the empty pages with empty manuscript paper, by making a check mark in the respective box. Since you have to pay the whole volume according to the number of sheets anyway, this possibility will of course not require any additional payment from you!  

What is the reason for the poor quality of the preview?

On the one hand, a sheet preview must be quick and on the other hand has to supply a realistic picture; to secure a brilliant printing quality, we work with high resolution pdf data files, which, due to this are however very big. Therefore, we have coarsed the resolution for the presentation of the preview so that you do not have to wait long and we have adapted the quality in such a way that, notwithstanding, you have all the same a good impression of the music text.

Is a quantity discount granted?

Yes. Firstly, delivery charges will not apply for an order of more than 40 Euro.

Is it possible to receive more than 70 pages in one volume?

No. The binding of the music books produced by us is made with saddle stitch; this technique of binding does not comprise more than 70 pages. However, we are working on being able to offer other binding techniques in a suitable quality.

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